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Good. For Business.


We make your employees happy by connecting them to causes they care about. Good for them. Good for you.

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People-Based Corporate Social Responsibility


Welcome to people-based CSR. Our approach strengthens your relationships with your employees, customers, and community. We make it easy to offer your employees social impact campaigns and experiences that matter, to measurably enhance your company culture, and to demonstrate your brand’s value.

70% of working Americans believe volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale than company-sponsored happy hours.
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Your people strategy just got better.

Value offers a purposeful, fun, and effective people-based CSR solution that elevates your brand and connects you to your community.


Fulfilled employees = happier employees

Our people-based strategy uses social impact campaigns that make your employees feel happy, inspired, and fulfilled. Get ready to make all of the best-place-to-work lists.

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Be a part of something bigger.

Our approach builds and strengthens relationships within your company and with your local community. We’d like to see trust falls do that.



Everyone loves a good Value (experience).

 We offer purposeful, fun, and effective social impact-based experiences for employees. From team-building volunteer days to workplace giving campaigns, our experiences are designed elevate your company culture and underline your unique core values and operating principles.

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A lot of good comes from doing good.


Recruit and retain the best employees.

89% of job seekers prefer companies that sponsor volunteer activities

50% reduction in employee turnover with company-sponsored volunteerism


Keep your employees engaged and inspired.

Improve efficiency: 1 inspired employee is equivalent to 2.25 satisfied employees

50% more likely to be in leadership positions when purpose-oriented

source, source

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Make your employees your evangelists.

47% more likely to be engaged promoters when purpose-oriented


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Develop your team’s leadership skills.

91% of Fortune 500 HR managers agree that skills-based volunteering fosters business and leadership skills



How Value Works


Management, Measurement, and Messaging for a new CSR.

Value provides everything you need to create a powerful people-based CSR experience for your employees and company.

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Your company’s social impact starts with your people. Value matches you with causes and volunteer experiences grounded in your culture and in service of your brand. 

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We’re data people. That means we’re committed to measuring outputs. Our metrics are designed to promote employee engagement, inform strategy, and maximize impact.

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Social responsibility looks good on you. Value offers custom messaging to connect you with your talent, customers, and community.


Are you ready for better business?