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 Whatever you do, we can help.


What could you do with a development team ready to create your dream app? An afternoon with volunteers committed to your needs? A steady influx of donations? And someone to manage it all? We’re committed to helping you get the support to make your vision a reality.

All at no cost to you.

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Your wish is our command.

Whatever your cause and whatever your needs, get support from the business community with what you need most.

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We’re amazing matchmakers.

Form and cultivate deeper, more valuable relationships with people from the business community. Engaging volunteers now means you’ll have a steady base of champions down the road.

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Small-detail support for big-picture people.

Let Value manage the details of the partnership. Value’s support means more time for your team to make your relationship matter.

And the best part is that Value is free for nonprofits.



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We make partnering with the business community simple. From new partnership ideas and volunteer engagement tools to fundraising support, we can help you find, nurture, and leverage partnerships that work for you. Value is free to nonprofits.


It’s easy and free to talk to a Value specialist about your nonprofit’s needs.

Volunteers? Donations? Sponsorships? Value has you covered.

Answer a few quick questions to connect with a Value specialist and join our network of nonprofit partners—100% confidential, and free to nonprofits.

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