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Easy CSR, easy pricing.

We offer easy CSR solutions that can grow with you, and pricing to match.


Team Size

Tell us the size of your team, department, or company.


Choose one or a few strategic goals (like team building, learning and development, or new hire integration).

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Get a quarterly contract price.


Value Benefits that come with every subscription:

✅ Research-backed people strategy

✅ Management, measurement, messaging

✅ Trusted network of Value partners

✅ Fun and impactful activities

✅ Brand-aligned CSR


Value-add experiences.

Value experiences align with your people strategy and underline your unique core values and operating principles. Plus, they make people feel good and help your community. Win, win, win.

  • Service-based off-sites

  • Coordinated one-day volunteer opportunities

  • In-kind donation drives

  • Hackathons for a cause

  • Service-based off-sites

  • Coordinated one-day volunteer opportunities

  • In-kind donation drives

  • Gamified giving campaigns

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  • Service-based off-sites

  • Coordinated one-day volunteer opportunities

  • Professional services volunteering

  • Hackathons for a cause

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  • Professional services volunteering

  • Leadership retreats with service elements


✅ ✅ ✅

Plus, put your core values on display with

  • Socially responsible retail and dining experiences

  • Socially responsible swag sourcing

  • Socially responsible holiday gifting

  • Values-based employee thank yous


How it works

Our process is designed to maximize both engagement and impact. With the Value Cycle™ social responsibility at your company will always be good for your employees, good for your business, and good for your community.


The Value Cycle™


When you join our community, your social responsibility efforts are handled. From matching you with the right nonprofit partners to planning experiences that suit your company culture to brokering and handling the operational pieces of the partnership, we’ll be here for you from day one.


When you sign on with us, our measurement process starts from where you are. Our initial measurements establish a baseline for what your employees and company are already doing, giving you a launchpad to greater social impact. Our reports are designed to facilitate enthusiasm, empathy, and goodwill among your employees.


When you partner with Value, you gain a team of brand and messaging experts. We’ll help you get your employees on board and keep them engaged. We make it easier to leverage your work with Value to connect with your customers and community.


It’s easy and free to talk to a Value specialist about your CSR needs.

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