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Value is different.

Welcome to people-based CSR. It’s purposeful, fun, and effective. Like work should be.

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Forge impactful and trustworthy partnerships

We connect you to nonprofits who are truly making an impact. With Value, you have an added layer of trust that you’ll both get the most bang for your CSR buck.

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Align your CSR with your brand and people strategies

Connect with your employees and customers around the good you do—we’ll design it to be part of your brand story.

Offer innovative & fun activities for your employees

Doing good in your community should be fun. We’ll make sure your CSR activities feel as good as they look.


 Strengthen your relationships with your employees, customers, and community.


Recruit, develop, and retain talent while cultivating an “I’ve heard that’s an amazing place to work” culture.

Build trust and loyalty with your customer base.

Foster partnership and goodwill with your community.


It makes good sense.


What’s better than one CSR specialist? A team of CSR specialists, project managers, data scientists, and brand strategists all committed to making social responsibility work for you.


Our process ensures nimble and responsive CSR. Volunteer opportunities and social impact campaigns will always align with employee interests, community needs, and business goals—even as those evolve.


All with the benefits and trust that come with being a Value network partner. Now that’s a great value.



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Adding Value adds value

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A well-managed partnership that you can trust to run smoothly. Happier and more engaged employees. A connection with your community. Ties to the causes you care about. These are the hallmarks of the Value experience.

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Good for Employees

Work with value is important to employees. More than financial compensation and other perks [yes, even free lunch], being connected to causes they care about can and does drive employee engagement and overall satisfaction at work.

A Value partnership means you can offer collaborative and engaging experiences to your employees while helping them solve meaningful problems for nonprofits and causes they care about. Whether it’s a hackathon, a service-based offsite, or a gamified giving campaign, our experiences will never be dull. Even better, we provide the tools to measure the difference you’re making.

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Good for Business

What are you known for? Companies whose employer and corporate brands are infused with character have stronger connections to their employees, customers, and community.

We start from where you are and build on what you’re best at. Whatever you’re looking to give or do, we can incorporate it into a brand-building campaign. Plus, using Value to manage your social responsibility efforts means added trust [and subtracted stress!].

Our experts will help you craft custom messaging around your efforts to rally your people and serve your business goals.


It’s easy and free to talk to a Value specialist about your CSR needs.

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